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    This is a small hot air balloon with two little bags of seeds.
    Each bag had a little hole in the bottom part, to make seeds (rocket+parsley) fall down slowly during the flight.



    Another idea could be creating an interactive GoogleMap with the clear areas in the city where we can act or we acted already.
    It could be possible to control the areas monitoring them and uploading the photos taken of those spots.
    Wouldn’t be bad then having a unique map for every city that everybody can upgrade with individual GG acts.
    Just to share our thoughts… :)




    Sometimes Photoshop lets us play with the imagination, like in this case.. But other times can be very useful to create our visions about certain green potential around us.



    This is a little story about the idea of “adopting” a vegetable garden inside the city.
    It’s told with a comic to make it easier to understand, even for those children who would adopt the garden.

    Ti porto all'orto
    Click to enlarge


    Turning Torn Ads Into Street Planters… Nice idea, we love this provocation.
    We report what we found in labelnetworks.com: it